The boiler plant is a construction located in one technical room which heating the working liquid for a heating system or steam supply. Boiler rooms connected to consumers using a heating main or steam line. The main device of the boiler room are steam, hot water and fire-tube boilers.

A sedimentation of scale, deposits and layers of various origin occur on the inner surfaces of gas, electric, liquid fuel boilers. Surface contamination reduces the thermal conductivity of the boiler, and this leads to an increase in electricity consumption and increase the cost of maintaining the required temperatures.

Continuous operation of boiler equipment without timely cleaning increases the load on the entire heating system. This causes of equipment failure and the risks of industrial accidents.


Employees of the company carry out the cleaning by unprofessional equipment and detergents unsuitable composition sometimes.

Such work is very short-term in its efficiency as a result. Whatever the cleaning quality in comparison with a professional method requires additional cleaning procedures. Self-cleaning in most cases causes additional costs, not to mention the possible damage, deformation and complete chocking of equipment capable of disabling the entire heating system.