Our professionals use the modern equipment allowing us to carry out almost any complex painting operations using any types of protective materials in work.

Unprotected metals are exposed to corrosion during operation, which can lead to their destruction. Therefore, the surfaces protect by applying paint coatings against corrosion, as well as to give the product a decorative appearance.

Surface preparation is a mandatory operation in the technological process of metal surfaces painting.
Surface preparation consists of certain operations, the first one is cleaning of dirt. Cleaning is carried out using mechanical and chemical methods.

Chemical methods of surface preparation are mainly used in the motor-vehicle construction, industry of machinery instrumentation, consumer electronics, etc. Mechanical methods of surface preparation are used for large metal structures painting in construction, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and ship repairing, energy, urban economy.

The surface preparation method choose depends of the initial state of the surface, operating conditions, product characteristics and material.

In order to attain additional corrosion resistance to the surface after cleaning the special chemical pre-surface preparation is carried out quite often: phosphating and passivating. The coating formed as a result of the chemical pre-surface preparation increases the adhesion and service lifetime of the subsequent paint coating.

Characteristics of paint and protective coatings largely depend on the surface condition being suitably prepared for coating. Therefore, the better the surface preparation is done the more durable the paint coating will serve.

We define anticorrosive working technology, select individual protective coating for each work. The processing method and occupational health and safety are observed and controlled at all stages of work.