We offer reliable solutions for chemical cleaning of tanks of all sizes and from various contaminants. All our solutions are maximally adapted to the client needs. Individual washing technology is formed based on the tank size and the pollution complexity and can consist of various stages and methods.

Not only the tank size and contamination characteristics impact to the cleaning process but also the configuration of the elements inside the tank. Many reactors contain the fixed a stirrer, a pipe coil, a cutter or other mechanism’s inside. Their presence seriously hinders access to some areas of the reactor. These elements are non-removable very often and may have a different location relative to the center of the tank.

The essence of the method is that the cleaning of the tanks is carried out by detergent solutions that improve the separation of the sediment from the walls, the bottom and the internal structures of the tanks. Application of properly selected solutions increases the cleaning quality, the intensity of the cleaning process, characterized by a negligible degree of manual labor.