The chemical cleaning of heat exchangers conducted by our Company allows efficient prevention of the contamination of plates, tubes and heating devices of heat exchangers, which disturb normal operation. Contaminations settle on the internal surfaces of the equipment decreasing the heat transmission capacity which leads to a decrease efficiency of the entire system.

The main task of the heat exchangers chemical cleaning is the complete removal of deposits, with the restoration of the original characteristics of the equipment. The great danger is deposits containing substances that lead to corrosion of the plates. Therefore, the passivation carried out after chemical cleaning are very often that of significantly reducing the corrosion possibilities.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers is performed as follows — liquid is pumping out from the heat exchange equipment, and in its place a washing solution is filing in, which circulates in the system for some period. The reagents in the chemical solution react with the deposits during this circulation which destroy and dissolve them with subsequent flushing out of the residues of deposits from the equipment. The cleaning solution drains from the system after cleaning and the heat exchangers are passivate.

The disassembled chemical cleaning of heat exchange equipment is used in some cases, which is quite effective way to remove deposits. It is recommended to use it only in case of severe pollution or the need for subsequent maintenance. The machine is disassembled completely during this cleaning. The plates or tube bundle of the heat exchanger are removed in this case and placed in a cleaning solution or clean in other ways like by high pressure water. The machine and the system is reassembled on completion of cleaning process and a leakage test is performed.