Chemical cleaning is one of the most effective methods used in pipeline maintenance. It is the only possible way to remove deposits on pipes in some cases.

Such a maintenance of engineering grids allows for the removing of deposits, scale and layers of build up from the inner side of the pipes thereby increasing the duration of the maintenance-free period of operation as well as minimize the likelihood of productivity decrease and the risk of equipment failure.
Preparation step for chemical flushing of pipelines includes solving the number of important tasks on which the efficiency of the performed works directly depends:

  • Determination of the equipment connection method to the flushing pipeline for maximum efficiency;
  • Selection of chemical reagents for washing, neutralization, passivation, calculation of their concentration and temperature;
  • Calculation of the duration of exposure to the washing solution.

The washing solutions containing chemical reagents dissolving and washing out the formed pollution in the course of cleaning by the modern equipment by being forcibly passed along the contour. The availability of modern and precision equipment allows us to monitor continuously the hydrogen index, temperature, pressure, flow rate and density of the solution, which in turn ensures the efficiency and safety of the process.

LLC «Chemical Cleaning Technologies» performs in-place chemical cleaning of pipelines, even with very complicated configurations irrespective of their length and diameter.