LLC «Chemical Сleaning Technologies» performs the treatment of pipes and general-purpose products of the ship systems according to the OST 5P.9527-94 using by the latest technology and modern equipment.

The technological process of preparation and cleaning of pipes and general-purpose products includes:

De-preservation – applies to pipes and general-purpose products that have a preservation grease.
De-preservation does not necessary to perform in case preservation grease absence on the pipes and equipment. De-preservation is carried out in several ways (by hot water, steam jet, degreasing solutions, organic solvents, annealing).

  1. Shot blasting – performed if the scale cannot be removed completely by etching.
  2. Degreasing – performed for the complete removal of grease pollution in alkaline solutions from pipes and general-purpose products.
  3. Washing by hot, cold water — pipes and general-purpose products should be thoroughly washed three to five times via immersion in hot and cold water until the complete alkali solution removal is successful leaving the inner surfaces in a suitable prepared state for etching.
  4. Etching – performed in stationary baths or on the machine with forced circulation. The composition, duration and modes depend on the degree of contamination level and the metal type. The mechanically machined elements and threads protect by insulating materials prior to etching in order to prevent excessive etching.
  5. Brightening – performed to remove the remains of pickling sludge and obtain a clean and light surface of the pipe and general-purpose products.
  6. Phosphating – performed to create a light covering layer of soluble ferrous, zinc, manganous phosphates on the protected product surface for protection against corrosion, improvement of hardness, wear resistance and increase dielectric properties on a product surface.
  7. Passivation – performed for the transition of the metal surface in an inactive state with the formation of corrosion prevention layers.
  8. Preservation — performed by oiling with preservative oils and corrosion inhibitors for long-term storage of elements of machine parts and pipelines.
  9. Painting – performed by airless application paint materials.
  10. Packaging performed in special fabrics and polyethylene films in order to protect against physical damage and contamination during storage and transportation.